Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well folks, we did it! K matched at his/our first choice, Metro Health Hospital in Orthopedic Surgery. I'm obviously so very proud but almost more than that, relief has been the main focus. The nerves didn't really set in until the night before when nobody could get any sleep & it felt like a never ending night. Up until that point, I felt deep down it would all work out but the unknown is so threatening. It's not without lots of sacrifice, hard work, insane dedication, and support that this came to fruition. Many small meltdowns have taken place on my end due to all the stress and I don't take my role in this situation lightly. I don't think I've personally worked as hard for someone else. It's a constant battle to not feel slight resentment building up towards the every day grind that one person's path puts you on. While I don't regret in any way being on this journey, I know I will never underestimate the "We" effort. When other's underestimate this, it makes my head want to explode. Another adjustment that this journey has forced on me is the new normal. I feel like many days it's a thought of "well, if we can just make it to after boards, match, etc" then it won't feel like we're hanging on by a thread. Nope, this is the new normal and if you are horrible at putting your own needs first, you'll make yourself miserable. I'm still struggling with this. I'm happy knowing K will have a network here that he's so close with and it is more satisfying than words can explain that he will be able to do EXACTLY what he loves. I know he will be a great surgeon due to the borderline crazy person dedication he has for Ortho. We will be in Grand Rapids for another 5 years & I couldn't be happier with this outcome!