Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A weight lifted

The big, bad, and evil COMLEX exam was recently dominated by a certain med school guy we all know and love. He definitely blew his goal out of the water and all the sacrifice & hard work paid off. He had to check his score a few times before he believed it was true. Hah. Finger's crossed that means we get to stay here for residency... we're on the countdown until February & finding out our fate! I'll be flying relatively solo for a couple months here while K is at his away rotations but the good news is that he'll only be a couple hours away. I also have a ten day trip to Florida to help keep me occupied. I'm headed to a convention with my boss and a five day vacation bundled together. Other than those future plans we've been soaking up the last days of a recently hot & humid summer. Activities have included corn dog eating, visits to lake Michigan, pontoon rides, paddle boarding, camp fires, a visit to the new outdoor market, antiquing, and working on our suntans. Until next time.