Thursday, July 18, 2013

Huge July Update

Engaged! July 4th, 2013

So, this is what's happened on the home front: a surprise engagement! We're getting married...but not anytime soon. The whole signing up to be a doctor thing takes precedence on most things, this included. I'm more of an eloping in Paris & throwing a huge party to celebrate kind of girl anyways so the huge blowout wedding idea is a no-go. Oh, and I also turned 24 and K turned 29. July is always a hugely busy month for celebrations. It also marks the fourth & final year of Med school, hooray! The big step 2 test is looming close, only 11 more days until the endless studying is finished. K is on Radiology which has been great since it's shorter days, therefore leaving lots of study time. Keep your fingers crossed for us, this test makes a pretty big difference in the rest of our lives. No pressure. K also had his dream of owning his own professional Red Wings hockey jersey fufilled. Yep, just call me the make a wish foundation. I filmed his reaction to opening his gift because I knew it would be THAT entertaining. It was better than a kid on Christmas. The only problem is the unending wish to wear the jersey all day every day in 96 degree heat. Oh & update on the moss graffitti: total bust. First my dog thought it was a tasty yogurty concoction made just for him, then a torrential rain washed most of the substance away and the ones that did survive got scorched in the sun the following day. So lame. I'm planning to give it another go but I need to get over my frustration first.

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