Saturday, June 15, 2013

green art

This past week I took a workshop on how to make graffiti moss & seed bombs. This is my very first attempt at both and I learned a few very helpful tricks from our instructor. First, here's the recipe for the graffiti moss mixture:

2 cups warm water
2 palm sized clumps of (dirt-free!) moss
2 cups yogurt, buttermilk, or beer
1 teaspoon sugar
cornstarch for thickening agent

Put in a blender & take a peek at your glorious concoction (don't drink even though it may smell like a yogurt & kale smoothie).

hint #1: Clean as much dirt off your moss before using, the dirt is what carries the bacteria & you don't want it messing up your moss. Gently separate & squeeze the moss kind of like a fragile sponge.

hint #2: Don't use buttermilk, beer, AND yogurt all at once. Just pick one to get the cultures brewing. Too many can cause a stinky situation.

hint #3: Cornstarch will help your mixture thicken up-making  it easier to design patterns & words with clean lines.

 Bonus- If you find worms in your moss, you also get to make a new friend.

Next you only need to apply it to a porous surface (I did two applications),  gently mist it a few times a week with water & allow it to get partial sunlight.

P.S. Those chocolate truffle looking things are the seed bombs! More to come on that.