Tuesday, March 26, 2013

playing favorites

I'll let you take a wild guess on who doesn't usually score a spot on the couch.

On another note - look at he awesome antiques we found today to decorate our new shelves!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



I just started it but so far so good. The first few pages say "happy" & "happiness" so much my head was about to explode but I guess that is sort of unavoidable with a book based entirely on being happy. I think it'll be useful in this time of figuring out my 20's  entire life.


Match day is coming upon us! Okay, not really we still have another whole year but the countdown is on. I'm working on my wracking up Karma points...that way everything must go our way.


I've only had the CD in my property for 24 hrs. but I've managed to annoy boyfriend with my JT singing within 12 hrs. I guess me belting out "I'm in love with thaaaat girl, so don't be mad at me" can get old. I get it.


Gummy candy fiend? Welcome to your new best friend. 20% fruit juice, 6% fruit pieces, Q10, aloe vera & collagen. Free from preservatives, gluten, or artificial flavorings.  I can now die happy.


This little peanut named Emerson.


Well, like me. Obviously. This is just in case you missed my dork face.