Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Since someone we know is on night float at the ER , I've decided to spend my night allowing you a sneak peak into our private lives...ooh la la.

hardcore fly fisherman
enjoys vegetables for breakfast
loves anything involving bones & how to fix 'em
digs the the smell of fresh cut grass
brews his own beer
has an ever growing power tool collection
great cook

loves making pottery
digs the smell of a wood burning fireplace
penchant for vintage trunks
wishes to live in a tree house
addiction: haribo candy
not so girly girl
always likes the book better than the movie
neat freak

gorge on duck fat fries
enjoy trips without itineraries
spoil Rio (our hound something-or-other)
drink coffee in any way, shape, or form
love cute senior citizens
survived camping in bear country
obsessed with Dexter

Saturday, January 19, 2013

not so serious

Here's some silly photos of Kris... because why not!? Life's been serious lately with exhausting ER shifts, 14 hour work days (me), & planning for car repairs. Bleh.

yes, that's a beer coozie with a spinach label glued on & also
my most genius idea to date.

Brutus & Kris' couple shot

Bahamian Lobster
Super psyched @ the Red Wings box seats

Forcing our dog to play in the snow

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't Just Sit There

Well I finally tried Pure Barre for the first time yesterday with a free anniversary class & I loved it. It was definitely made for people who need direction and motivation when exercising or else they don't get anything done...I'm guilty. My body was indeed convulsing by the time the class was finished probably due to the fact I haven't done anything remotely physical (dance parties don't count) since moving here 8 months ago. It felt great to have those endorphins back in my system. Today it is difficult walking and/or moving in general- those girls aren't messin' around! I also was surprised by a month long package from my K after he heard I liked it so much! What a man, what a man... I'll keep you posted on if it gets any easier or if I become a victoria's secret model. Either one.



On another note, K has started his first day of Emergency Med rotation (the original plan of action) for his future doctor self so the next few weeks will be quite telling although I'm pretty sure I already know where his passion lies...