Saturday, December 1, 2012

take one down, pass it around...

 Hooray for bottled beer ! 
We're halfway done with all our Christmas gifts this year. I have to finish my mugs to accompany the brews but I've been spending every day off of work at the studio busting my hump to get all this done. It takes a lot more planning to have a DIY Christmas list but it's also a fun team effort. If the beer tastes awful, at least it's the thought of it being homeade that counts. But seriously, this beer better be delicious after all the energy we've put into this or else we'll be sad pandas.

Our tree...aka houseplant mini norwalk pine. After standing at Target for 30 minutes staring deep into the LED lit fake trees on sale, I finally walked away without one in hand. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Low & behold the grocery store had just what we needed- an oxygen giving plant that was inexpensive & already glittered. Sold.

Feast your eyes on the best ugly holiday sweater ever! The goodwill cashier gave it to us for free since it was so ugly he felt guilty charging us. There are shoulder pads for those who are wondering & the ornaments are made of pure sequin perfection.

Free coffee from work! Yum.


  1. We're making beer, too! For the first time - any tips? I love the labels, did you make those?

  2. It's great fun! Advice as follows..Sanitize very well & consider using a secondary fermenter for better clarity (<- bf's input since he was pretty much in charge). I did the labels by hand with two different size fonts of stamps. It was pretty tedious but not complicated. I hope your beer turns out yummy!