Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Condo Update

I have been trying to photo document the rooms when they're all finished & clean! All rooms have a fresh coat of paint thanks to our families help (I did the bathroom!). I love our new place and our neighbors, they are all pretty down to earth, normal people. We still need to re-paint the bedroom and do some decorating along with the enclosed porch that is divided between a med school study corner and an artist girl easel work station. How opposites attract. Life has been getting more hectic with K studying for boards and me on the job hunt & now job juggling. I will admit all you people were right, I <3 GR!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Graduate

Welp, I am officially Michigan State University Alumni. Here's some proof.

All in all, it was a hell of a whirlwind graduation weekend. My mom's flight was delayed and rescheduled about a dozen times, no exaggeration. She finally made it the night before by way of taxi no less. Saturday after the ceremony we ate some grub Kris' mom catered because she's awesome. The menu included chicken & shrimp satay with peanut sauce, a quinoa salad with roasted red peppers and lots of other yummy things, blackberry and fresh mozzarella mixed greens salad, mini key lime tartlets, and dark chocolate covered strawberries with pink himalayan salt on top. It all went by so fast, it's hard to believe I'm finished. I'm adjusting to not having any projects in motion or studio time. Now to find a job! Yikes.