Thursday, February 23, 2012


My lack of posting is an unfortunate side affect of a crazy hectic final semester of school before I'm officially a graduate. Let's see, lately I've been...

  • Condo/apartment searching in Grand Rapids. Meeting with real estate people, bankers, and trying not to get our hopes up if we don't get our dream place. We love its natural light, modern kitchen and vintage elements (it was built in 1919). AND for us foodie lovers it has a little specialty food market a stones throw away. Think yummy aged cheeses, fresh baguettes, and a huge wine selection. Sounds perfect to me. Keep your finger's crossed.

  • Working on my ceramics and struggling through things like writing an artist statement. Had my first critique of the semester today, it went well but it's always overwhelming because of the lack of time and things I'd ideally wish to be accomplished. Gearing up for a final exhibition, ceramics sale & show, and an empty bowls event to raise money for orphaned children in Africa.

  • Planning and daydreaming about our spring break coming up in 8 days. Yikes, I still need to buy sunscreen! I'll have a laptop with me there so I might do some posts but most likely not. I plan to disconnect and live in the moment more (my new years resolution discovered a few months late). I'm so excited I have a girl to hang with while the guys are out fishing all day everyday. Think white sand beaches, a run in with maybe 5 tourists in total, fresh conch salad, and beachside drinks. I can't think too hard about it or else I get majorly sidetracked in planning for my two midterms next week.

last years trip

Okay, enough massive catch ups on life for now. Perhaps my next post will be pictures from paradise.

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