Friday, September 23, 2011

Sandy brown & grey hair, brown eyes, whispy mustache...

Picture this:

It's 8 o'clock at night I'm coming home from my Spanish class & all of a sudden I see these beady brown eyes looking up at me. I assumed the owner would be right behind me when I turned around, but no. I go upstairs, yell for Kris, we presumably walk around our apartment complex trying to find it's owner. With no luck, we come back, anonymous Yorkie meets head dog resident, Rio, & wrestling ensues. Then Kris goes "Wait a minute....You found a collar-less dog just casually at our doorstep? That is the oldest trick in the book." Then I start defending with a few "I swear I didn't bring him home! I Found him, I promise!" sided with giggles of excitement. Pretty soon we all settle in & it's very clear anonymous Yorkie takes a liking to me. Lap dog all the way. So the moral of the story is, sometimes dogs do show up at your doorstep.

 Today my mission is to see if he's microchipped. He is not the best house broken dog and he was very hungry and thirsty when I brought him in so we think he may have been wandering for a while or someone dropped him off. Sad. Updates to come. 

Oh & P.S. I started calling him MacGruber. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

DIY Presents for Baby

$8.00 garage sale find! Sanded, personalized, and re-sealed. I used Martha Stewart's acrylic paint & her small brush set.

Shadow box for the nursery. Box from Ikea, antique bird, paper, thread, wire, leaves, and champagne colored acrylic paint. I made randomly one night all from things I had on hand. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baby Fever

Our visit in Madison has consisted of playing with baby Evie, eating a hamburger shaped birthday cake, giving the new mommy her presents (pictures coming!), picking out fabric for the quilt my sissy is making me, and a delicious dinner out at L'etoile. Charcuterie plate, First course of watermelon kimchee, crispy pork belly, frisee, Thai basil, spiced cashews. No room in belly for a midcourse but I wanted to save room for my butter poached Maine lobster, mussels, clams, calamari, baby artichokes, fennel, grape tomatoes, bone marrow-tomato sauce. Whew. Loved it. Family & baby pictures to come.

{future quilt}


Here I am. Sitting in the hotel lobby, slurping up free coffee & feeding my Pinterest addiction. Up since 4 a.m. because my mother's snoring is enough to drive me nuts. I think perhaps I've had three hours of sleep in total. One pair of earplugs was not enough for this party. Oh well. I'll join the sleep deprived due to newborn club my sister is in. Without the newborn part, of course.