Monday, August 29, 2011

summer closing

It's almost back to school time & I'm ready for it. I might even start my Spanish homework early. How lame is that. The truth is... I'm awful at just hanging out. With a long list of things to accomplish is when I'm happiest. Soon enough it will be here. Classes start Wednesday & my new job starts next Tuesday. My senior year, hooray! My school year goals are to cook dinner for us more since Kris is always stuck with it & he's more busy than I am, exercise more for less stress, and in general try not to sweat the small stuff. Wish me luck.

Today I took a picture of our super fun free summer activity. It consists of me strapping in my rollerblades (which I don't know how to properly stop), Kris riding his longboard (like a pro of course), all the while trying to distract Rio from dragging us both to our death by chasing squirrels, lawn workers, pedestrians, & basically anything that moves.

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