Saturday, August 6, 2011

Livingston & Bozeman

Montana has been awesome. I need a whole separate post for our days in Yellowstone so instead here are some photos from current happenings. We've spent a few days between Bozeman & Livingston, eating delicious food, fishing rivers, and exploring antique shops. I miss our tent but having a hotel with a mini fridge is nice after storing all your food in a bear locker 24/7. I love exploring new towns, eating at new places, and generally just bummin' around. Livingston was the the filming place for A River Runs Through It along with Legends of the Fall author's, Jim Harison's hometown. There are tons of crazy mansions here in the Paradise Valley, for good reason - it's beautiful! Tomorrow we're headed to Chico Hot Springs for a night and I can't wait to float all day in their naturally tapped hot spring pool...I may never leave.

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