Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally arrived!

Well we've made it to Montana! Hurray, the inside of our car was getting preeeetty boring. One can only car dance for so long. We took a stop on the way to check out the Teddy Roosevelt State Park and the Badlands. I spotted a bison and saw lots of prairie dogs. It was a short visit but awesome because it was finally something different than flat fields! 

We finally made it to our campsite and I cooked some delicious Tex Mex dinner and relaxed & stargazed later that night. Convinced ourselves we had found the Milky Way. I then proceeded to have the best night's sleep ever. Okay maybe not ever but in a tent for sure. It was perfect weather.

Today we floated the Big Horn river for about four hours and I caught two brown trouts all by myself! It was pretty awesome because I don't believe it counts if you only reel them in, even though Kris pretends it does. Even an older man who was fishing nearby, complimented me! I was pumped.
Hillary as outdoor adventurist -2
Bighorn river brown trout-0
Of course we threw them all back, so really nobody lost. Tomorrow is another day of floating the river &  I need to remember my camera this time & catch some more fish, so I can actually document.

Cotton at the cottonwood campground, what do ya know!?

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place!

    Following your lovely bloggy!