Friday, July 22, 2011

Ann Arbor

newer piece of my Dad's

taking a break


On wednesday Kris & I drove over to Ann Arbor for their annual art show. My dad was in the show again this year so it's always fun to hang out with him for the day at his booth & wander around looking at everyone else's work. If only I had a steady many things would have been scooped up. I took a few photos of things I found interesting such as smoking elves and white rats on leashes. It was beyond hot and sticky that day so a lot of time was spent wallowing in the shade and trying not to get heat stroke. We also ate the best corndog, it brought back some Rothbury memories (where I ate about three a day). Ann Arbor is awesome, I wish I could live there for a year so I could eat at all the delicious non-chain restaurants. I'm jealous.

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