Saturday, March 26, 2011

Channeling a bit of Ke$ha

perfect & not trashy! (ahem, Ke$ha)

I have pretty new feather hair extensions! It's crazy how trendy they're becoming. So far, I love them. Pretty subtle since my hair covers them most of the time but it' still a fun little surprise to notice. My new favorite. Other than this, the weekend has been spent daydreaming about purchasing a vintage motorcycle that we can cruise to California on, a dishwasher that actually cleans dishes, and how life will suck when our Molly leaves us this weekend. At least she'll be in place we always visit.  I also finally watched "Exit Through the Gift Shop" the documentary about Banksy and other street artists. I highly recommend it except it made me feel like I could be a roof jumping badass street artist. Psh.

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