Saturday, March 26, 2011

Channeling a bit of Ke$ha

perfect & not trashy! (ahem, Ke$ha)

I have pretty new feather hair extensions! It's crazy how trendy they're becoming. So far, I love them. Pretty subtle since my hair covers them most of the time but it' still a fun little surprise to notice. My new favorite. Other than this, the weekend has been spent daydreaming about purchasing a vintage motorcycle that we can cruise to California on, a dishwasher that actually cleans dishes, and how life will suck when our Molly leaves us this weekend. At least she'll be in place we always visit.  I also finally watched "Exit Through the Gift Shop" the documentary about Banksy and other street artists. I highly recommend it except it made me feel like I could be a roof jumping badass street artist. Psh.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lots to catch up on!

First things first, I know I need to post photos of the Bahamas Spring Break trip but I'm still in the organizing mode so that will be coming soon. The trip was great, so that's what counts! Secondly I need to post pictures of my first batch of ceramic pieces but that will have to wait also since they're still being graded. In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend! We celebrated intensely on Thursday & are continuing the festivities tonight with homeade Reuben sandwiches! I have a problem though because I honestly can't remember if I'm Irish or not. I think I must be a little bit.