Thursday, February 10, 2011

To the Ball...

First off, this week has been very busy (2 exams & 1 major project all due) but now it's finally time for a couple days off. Last Saturday we had the Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation Ball, whew a mouth full. The ball was very glamourous and I pulled my look together with about next to nothing. I found my dress for $15.oo at an antique store, hair was done by my friend Kelsey, coat borrowed, and everything else I already owned. I love when that happens. We ate a delicious dinner, clapped for all the smarties in the room (Kris included), and attempted to dance until blisters took over. Here's the raffle car, a camaro! We didn't win. 

Besides that event, we've been studying, freezing our buts off in 3 degree temperatures, and counting down the days until we get some sunshine!

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