Monday, February 14, 2011

Be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day! It's been a hectic day getting over a wicked sore throat & also slicing my finger with an ex-acto knife while working on a class project earlier today. I was determined to turn the day around & got Kris some new Gap cologne and a card & I got flowers. Hooray for love! 

homemade Valentine's banner
In other news, this weekend Kris & I and a couple of friends went to a Redwings Game in Detroit with box seats. We were acting like high rollers eating all the catered food! It was very fun but spoiled me too much that I don't think regular seats will suffice anymore.

curious hats

sculpture in Detroit
Have fun on your honeymoon in Costa Rica! 

NOW the biggest update sister's got a bun in the oven! Yipee! She's due in August & I'm very excited to be an aunt.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

To the Ball...

First off, this week has been very busy (2 exams & 1 major project all due) but now it's finally time for a couple days off. Last Saturday we had the Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation Ball, whew a mouth full. The ball was very glamourous and I pulled my look together with about next to nothing. I found my dress for $15.oo at an antique store, hair was done by my friend Kelsey, coat borrowed, and everything else I already owned. I love when that happens. We ate a delicious dinner, clapped for all the smarties in the room (Kris included), and attempted to dance until blisters took over. Here's the raffle car, a camaro! We didn't win. 

Besides that event, we've been studying, freezing our buts off in 3 degree temperatures, and counting down the days until we get some sunshine!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Like thousands of others today we were blasted with lots of powdery white stuff. Michigan State hasn't had a snow day since 1975, so the whole class canceled idea a pretty big deal around here. Of course with being stranded inside our warm apartment for hours we decided to to stock up on essentials (hot chocolate, bailey's, and tollhouse cookies). The day consisted of Kris being a vigilante/neighborhood watch & helping random stuck people get free, going to the gym to burn off all our cookies/guilt, and finding out panty hose are awful...more to come on that. 

Another photo of winter fun:
Kris & Rio attempting to cross country ski together last week. Bad idea.