Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring Break

With much debating to spend the money on a spring break trip this year to the Bahamas, I'd thrown the idea out the window due to lack of funding. Kris & I had so much fun last spring break it was hard to contemplate "no" but my budget was not playing along. Unexpectantly Kris decided to foot the airfare bill for the both of us because's he's the greatest & we're going again this year! I'm so excited I gathered a few things already to get me in the spirit.

I'm ready for fresh fish, blinding sunshine & local Bahamian love. Since we'll be staying out in "farm country" as the city/tourist area people refer to it, we're pretty much guaranteed a beach to ourselves and a lot of locals to hang out with & drink rum. I can hardly wait. I hope our friend and local bar owner Cardy has the blender we gifted him still..