Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well folks, we did it! K matched at his/our first choice, Metro Health Hospital in Orthopedic Surgery. I'm obviously so very proud but almost more than that, relief has been the main focus. The nerves didn't really set in until the night before when nobody could get any sleep & it felt like a never ending night. Up until that point, I felt deep down it would all work out but the unknown is so threatening. It's not without lots of sacrifice, hard work, insane dedication, and support that this came to fruition. Many small meltdowns have taken place on my end due to all the stress and I don't take my role in this situation lightly. I don't think I've personally worked as hard for someone else. It's a constant battle to not feel slight resentment building up towards the every day grind that one person's path puts you on. While I don't regret in any way being on this journey, I know I will never underestimate the "We" effort. When other's underestimate this, it makes my head want to explode. Another adjustment that this journey has forced on me is the new normal. I feel like many days it's a thought of "well, if we can just make it to after boards, match, etc" then it won't feel like we're hanging on by a thread. Nope, this is the new normal and if you are horrible at putting your own needs first, you'll make yourself miserable. I'm still struggling with this. I'm happy knowing K will have a network here that he's so close with and it is more satisfying than words can explain that he will be able to do EXACTLY what he loves. I know he will be a great surgeon due to the borderline crazy person dedication he has for Ortho. We will be in Grand Rapids for another 5 years & I couldn't be happier with this outcome!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas 2013 seems like long time ago now but it was a terrific seven days off of work & hospital responsibilities! We were very spoiled this year, well every year to be exact. It's now back to the usual... and the countdown until February 10th- Match Day for those DO's!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A weight lifted

The big, bad, and evil COMLEX exam was recently dominated by a certain med school guy we all know and love. He definitely blew his goal out of the water and all the sacrifice & hard work paid off. He had to check his score a few times before he believed it was true. Hah. Finger's crossed that means we get to stay here for residency... we're on the countdown until February & finding out our fate! I'll be flying relatively solo for a couple months here while K is at his away rotations but the good news is that he'll only be a couple hours away. I also have a ten day trip to Florida to help keep me occupied. I'm headed to a convention with my boss and a five day vacation bundled together. Other than those future plans we've been soaking up the last days of a recently hot & humid summer. Activities have included corn dog eating, visits to lake Michigan, pontoon rides, paddle boarding, camp fires, a visit to the new outdoor market, antiquing, and working on our suntans. Until next time.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Huge July Update

Engaged! July 4th, 2013

So, this is what's happened on the home front: a surprise engagement! We're getting married...but not anytime soon. The whole signing up to be a doctor thing takes precedence on most things, this included. I'm more of an eloping in Paris & throwing a huge party to celebrate kind of girl anyways so the huge blowout wedding idea is a no-go. Oh, and I also turned 24 and K turned 29. July is always a hugely busy month for celebrations. It also marks the fourth & final year of Med school, hooray! The big step 2 test is looming close, only 11 more days until the endless studying is finished. K is on Radiology which has been great since it's shorter days, therefore leaving lots of study time. Keep your fingers crossed for us, this test makes a pretty big difference in the rest of our lives. No pressure. K also had his dream of owning his own professional Red Wings hockey jersey fufilled. Yep, just call me the make a wish foundation. I filmed his reaction to opening his gift because I knew it would be THAT entertaining. It was better than a kid on Christmas. The only problem is the unending wish to wear the jersey all day every day in 96 degree heat. Oh & update on the moss graffitti: total bust. First my dog thought it was a tasty yogurty concoction made just for him, then a torrential rain washed most of the substance away and the ones that did survive got scorched in the sun the following day. So lame. I'm planning to give it another go but I need to get over my frustration first.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

green art

This past week I took a workshop on how to make graffiti moss & seed bombs. This is my very first attempt at both and I learned a few very helpful tricks from our instructor. First, here's the recipe for the graffiti moss mixture:

2 cups warm water
2 palm sized clumps of (dirt-free!) moss
2 cups yogurt, buttermilk, or beer
1 teaspoon sugar
cornstarch for thickening agent

Put in a blender & take a peek at your glorious concoction (don't drink even though it may smell like a yogurt & kale smoothie).

hint #1: Clean as much dirt off your moss before using, the dirt is what carries the bacteria & you don't want it messing up your moss. Gently separate & squeeze the moss kind of like a fragile sponge.

hint #2: Don't use buttermilk, beer, AND yogurt all at once. Just pick one to get the cultures brewing. Too many can cause a stinky situation.

hint #3: Cornstarch will help your mixture thicken up-making  it easier to design patterns & words with clean lines.

 Bonus- If you find worms in your moss, you also get to make a new friend.

Next you only need to apply it to a porous surface (I did two applications),  gently mist it a few times a week with water & allow it to get partial sunlight.

P.S. Those chocolate truffle looking things are the seed bombs! More to come on that.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Florida Family Trip 2013

Well, my glorious ten day vacation has come to an end. I visited with both my sissies, baby Emerson, my mom & dad, cousins, and my best bud since 5th grade band class- Sam! I mostly relaxed, got a sunburn & eventual tan, visited my dad at his art show, spent four days at Daytona beach, loved up on Emerson, & laughed a lot with all my crazy family. It was such a much so that I need to plan another ten day vacation sooner than later.